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Entertainment Today

Canceled or renewed TV shows 2021: 15 bubble shows that could go either way
SEAL Team and more shows that could be canceled or renewed in May 2021 Networks are starting to make decisions about their current TV shows. There are still some on the bubble. Will they be canceled or renewed in May 2021? There are still many TV shows with unknown fates. Some of them are more o...
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Is Doctor Who renewed for Season 13?
Doctor Who is one of the best sci-fi shows on TV right now. It's been a while since we've had new episodes or heard much about it. Is Season 13 happening? For more than 50 years,Doctor Who has brought us timeless and exciting stories. Okay, so there was a break between the original seri...
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Discover the most popular TV show the year you were born
TV will always be a staple in our lives, and we measure so many landmarks by which TV show was airing at the time. So what about the year you were born? It’s always fun to look back and see what was happening the year you were born. Who was in office? What hit song was blasting out of everyon...
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Sports Today

Sidelined is a look at the misogynistic underpinnings of sports media
Julie DiCaro's new book, Sidelined: Sports, Culture and Being a Woman in America, details what it's really like to work as a woman in sports media. In the introduction to her debut book, Sidelined: Sports, Culture and Being a Woman in America,Julie DiCaro writes that “No one shoul...
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Gambler wins incredible $700k parlay with Yankees-headlined picks
Gambling is a dangerous game, but one sports fan came away a winner on Thursday night. The nerve it takes to bet on the New York Yankees right now...sheesh. Despitehaving +500 oddsthrough six games to win the World Series per WynnBet, they've come crashing down to Earth. Yet, that's exa...
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Esports Gamer superstar turned businessman Nadeshot still wants to win
Matthew Haag is busy building a business empire while hoping to add more championships along the way. Call of Dutywas a life changer for championship esports gamer Matthew Haag aka Nadeshot. He became a World Champion back in 2011 on his way to an X-games gold medal three years later. It was just...
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