The Best Trick to Treat Your Pimples

Acne is incredibly annoying. We all know that moment when you wake up on the day of a job interview, a party or simply a day at school and you find an annoying new guest on your chin. Fortunately, there are some natural and cheap tricks against these bad boys.

First Date Tricks To Make You Feel More Comfortable

Are you nervous before a first date? We want to help you and give you some tips that according to researchers can really help you doing the best impression.

How Silk Scarves Will Save Your Life

The silk scarf is more than anything else a fashion item, you might think it supposed to keep your neck warm – well maybe but first of all when wearing one it adds a depth of dimension to your look.

21st Century Wedding Experiences to Inspire Millennials

The bride of today is very different from the bride of the 20th century, and instead of using bridal magazines for inspiration, they are using Pinterest and Etsy.

Here Are the Top 8 Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating is a hard process, full of difficult choices but you don't have to learn every interior design lesson the hard way. Skip over some common mistakes and save yourself a few bucks and some heartache.

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Socks with Heels

Fashionistas seem to have a talent of getting away with trends that might seem weird and over the top to most of us. While there are some trends that should have never seen daylight, there are others that are actually pretty cool and hard to pull off. Socks with heels is a prime example of a trend that some celebrities have rocked and we can’t understand how. Don’t worry, you won’t look like yourself at 5 years old trying on your mom’s heels in her closet - in fact, you will be surprised by how cool and easy this trend is to pull off. We know jumping into trends worn by the celebs is daunting, but we have some tips to help you get away with this crazy trend, because you know you want to try it out.

5 Food Ingredients That Can Double As Skincare Products

If you want deliciously smooth food, then you might want to look at the ingredients you use to cook delicious meals. That’s right; you could have perfectly good skincare products lurking in the cabinets of your kitchen. Maybe you’re looking to improve the health of your skin without spending your hard earned cash on expensive products from the stores, or maybe you’re looking for unique and all natural alternatives for taking care of your skin. Either way, we have some useful and creative suggestions for how you can turn innocent food products into the ingredients for healthier skin.

A Look At The 10 Phase Skincare Program From Korea That Could Change Your Life

In the past Japan was the Asian country that dominated the worlds of pop culture and fashion but in recent years they’ve been challenged for this spot by the nation of South Korea. K-Pop musicians and K-Drama actors have turned people across the globe K-razy for everything Korean, especially when it comes to fashion. Korean stars have an almost otherworldly beauty that can be traced back to their intense skincare regimens. If you want to look like a member of BTS or Girls Generation, then you should be prepared to take your skincare routine to the next level.

What No One Tells you About Your First Real Relationship

What No One Tells you About Your First Real Relationship

3 Amazing Tips To Treat Cystic Acne

Cystic acne can be a real pain in the butt and hard to get rid of. Where normal acne can simply be treated with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, fighting cystic acne can be way more challenging. Many people spend decades finding the right treatment for their cystic acne and when they do, some even share their excitement on the internet to help others in desperate need.

Don’t compare relationships

Don’t Compare Relationships:

This Is What Those White Patches on Your Skin Are

The summer was great and you’ve spent your days off in the sun as often as possible. But now you start noticing itchy white spots on your skin and have no clue what they actually are or how they got there in the first place. If you have these kind of white patches on your skin, you too might suffer from pityriasis versicolor.


Top Ingredients for Glowing Skin Year-Round

As winter approaches, slowly but surely, our skin is the first to feel the effects. It’s losing its luster and smoothness already…the good news is that there are things you can do to sustain the glow. And no, we don’t mean Vitamin C – you know all about that already!

A Few Reasons Why It’s Cool To Be Single

Break-ups, divorces, tough relationships and even the ones that were good, somehow seem far easier to manage than being alone. It can be extremely hard to be alone, but with these few tips, you might find yourself surviving (and thriving) as a single.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Friends Text Your Crush for You

Why You Shouldn't Let Friends Text Your Crush for You

How To Be Happy Without A Significant Other

Many joys in life occur in the presence of a significant other.  People tend to get wrapped up in different relationships and many times the sentiments that amount from the relationship determine the day to day emotions of the parties involved.  For instance, many people get very upset if their significant other does not reach out to them via text for a few hours. This in turn causes the disappointed party to have a negative mindset for the entire rest of the day.  In unhealthy and dependent relationships, people’s emotions fluctuate as easily and as quickly as the relationship. Many times, this leads to stress, poor mental health, and a dependency on your significant other to provide you with a feeling of happiness.

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This Is How You Can Avoid Appearing Unattractive

No, we are not talking about your physical appearances. We are talking about your inner side. We all strive to be a good person but then real life kicks in and sometimes we forget about our good intentions. So there are some ways you actually end up becoming unattractive.

This Turkish Wedding Dress Looks Like a Work of Art

Turkish bride Busra Yavuz looked like she leaped straight out of a painting as she adorned her Elie Saab Couture wedding gown. The intricate piece fit her like a glove, shimmering with intricately embroidered sequins down the sleeves and spanning out into a dramatic floor-sweeping skirt. When she took the dance floor at her reception (which took place at Ciragan Palace in Istanbul), she looked as if she was gliding through a Winter wonderland — a train as white as snow might have that effect.

Nose Jobs Drop by 43 In US Since 2000

The cosmetic surgery is over an $8 billion industry in the United States. Nearly one out of every 20 Americans has undergone some sort of nonsurgical procedures like botox while thousands more opt for a more drastic nip and tuck. Americans are fascinated with plastic surgery, giving high ratings to shows like “Botched”.

Miss Minnesota Pageant Breaks Stereotypes

Just a week ago Mikayla Holmgren became the first person with down syndrome to compete in the Miss Minnesota USA state pageant. In 2015 Holmgren competed in and won the Junior Miss Amazing competition, which is a pageant designed specifically for those with disabilities.


Is Chivalry Really Dead?

Living in the 21st century it is not unusual to ask ourselves, is Chivalry dead? A few decades ago chivalry wasn’t something that was always just given, but also something that was commonly expected. Men knew to treat women with courtesy and respect. He holds the door, carries the bags, takes care of the check, and is never rude to a woman. But times have changed where these everyday courtesies are not as common as they used to be. Although chivalry has become an outdated practice does not mean that men aren’t still gentlemen. Men can be sweet, caring, and respectful toward a woman without having to work towards unreachable expectations from women. They shouldn’t have do the things they do because they feel obliged to but rather because they want to. Men shouldn’t be the only one holding up all the responsibilities in a relationship anymore. We’re beyond the point of men paying for everything and waiting on ladies hand and foot. Women have become much more independent to where they don’t need or want to rely on a man to make everyday life tasks easier for them. It’s not that men have necessarily become less generous but that women aren’t as prone to accepting the giving. While some could very well argue that chivalry is dead, others could just say it’s simply not as obvious as it used to be anymore.

Swedish Cop Apprehends Thief, In a Bikini

An off-duty police officer in Stockholm, Sweden, was sunbathing in the park when a man decided they were the perfect targets for a robbery.

How to Know You’re in Love

Have you already told him you love him but you don’t know if you’re in love? That is totally normal and it’s fine to not even know if you are in love. We have pulled together some of the bigger indicators that will help you know if you are in love or not. Everyone and every relationship, so some of these might not be good indicators for you or your relationship, but we covered most of the big ones.

You Can Grab A Coffee At Central Perk

There were a ton of shows that aired during the 1990s that would be sure to give you all the feels when rewatching episodes or thinking about the fun times you spent with your family on the couch every night to watch them. One of the absolute most iconic shows of the 1990s was Friends.

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Here’s How Margot Robbie Got Her Abs and Butt Into Top Shape for Suicide Squad

It’s hard to believe that Margot Robbie could be in even better shape than before, but that’s exactly what was expected of her for her latest movie, Suicide Squad. Robbie assumes the rules of lovingly disturbed super-villain Harley Quinn, and in order to look the part worked out three hours a day, every day, for three weeks while the movie was shooting. The workouts included Pilates, ballet, jump rope, and rebounder to sculpt and tone the actress’s body without bulking up.

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The Three Types Of Love

February is right around the corner. And with February, comes Valentines day. Seriously, all of the stores have already started stocking up on heart shaped candy boxes to display all across the store. Valentines day can either be the most anticipated date of the year or it can be there most dreaded.

This Woman Got Her Bros to Be Her Bridesmaids and the Internet Goes Wild

Rebeca and Renato are a Brazilian couple who recently got married. This story is not about how they met or how romantic their ceremony was, but on something particular funny and unexpected.

Selena Gomez Sets Her Own Beauty Standards

The standard for beauty in today's society is pretty difficult to achieve. Models, with their slim physiques, celebrities, which their surgically enhanced facial and body features, and the ability for every day people to edit the pictures that the post on social media to make themselves look tanner, thinner, and constantly happy.

Is Thin-fit the New Beauty Standard?

For decades, women have been constantly fed the idea that in order to be considered as beautiful by society, they have to maintain an extremely thin and slender physique. This has led to many women without a naturally small frame to resort to eating disorders and body dysmorphia. This “thin ideal” has been constantly portrayed and reinforced by celebrities and supermodels all over the world.

Three Types of Men on Valentines Day

If you're a man in a relationship, you must know that Valentine's day is coming up pretty quickly. Whether you are reminded of the holiday because of all the heart shaped boxes in the stores or because your significant other keeps on dropping not so subtle hints, you just know. Some men are equally as excited as their significant other to partake in all of the valentines day festivities. Others aren’t as excited and only participate in the holiday to appease their loved one. Here are three types of men on Valentines day.

Books Every Romantic Should Read

A lot of people are embarrassed, maybe even unwilling, of reading relationship advice books, or self- help books in general. They shouldn't be. Nobody is born with all of the necessary wisdom you need when you're making your relationship work.

Single For Valentines Day? Do This

Valentine’s Day is coming around very soon. Your roommate has already disclosed the incredible date that she has planned with her boyfriend to celebrate the holiday. Your best friend is going out of town to visit the guy that she has been talking to for months, and all of a sudden, you realize that you are single, on Valentine’s Day, without any fun plans to distract you from all of the mushy PDA and overly affectionate atmosphere that you will undoubtedly encounter as soon as you walk outside.

100 Year Old Couple Go Out on a Blind Date

Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were set up for date. It doesn't sound like a funny story until you find out how old Arthur and Florence are.  They are both 100 years old and despite the age, they were up for a blind date. It was their first blind date ever, but apparently is going really well between them.

Designer Bridal Gown Is Recreated As a Cake

At London’s recent Cake International Show - the UK’s leading cake decorating, sugar craft and baking show - world-renowned cake artist, Emma Jayne who owns Emma Jayne Cake Design, entered a very special cake into the proceedings.

Why You Should Be Using Neutrogena Face Wipes Like Kim Kardashian

Kim K knows makeup and beauty better than any of us, so when she speaks, we listen. Kim has been using her app and social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to show us what she has been using, what products she is into these days, and what is not worth buying.