Cowboy Copper Hair is Trending Again; Here’s How to Rock it

Cowboy Copper hair is the fusion of leather tones, hence, ‘cowboy’ with classic redhead shades. It delves slightly deeper into brunette undertones whilst being infused with the richness of deep copper accents. The hashtag #cowboycopperhair racks up a cool 4.7 million views on TikTok. But before you saddle up for this trend, let’s talk about how to make Cowboy Copper Hair work harmoniously with your unique skin tone.

Fair Skin with Warm Undertones

The fiery hue complements your complexion beautifully, creating a harmonious balance. To enhance the warmth, opt for a shade with more orange undertones, like a sunset copper.

Medium Skin with Neutral Undertones

Cowboy Copper Hair can give medium skin with neutral undertones a sun-kissed radiance. Go for a shade that leans towards auburn or reddish-brown.

Olive or Tan Skin with Warm Undertones

Aim for a deeper copper hue, perhaps with a hint of chestnut. This pairing adds depth and richness to your hair, emphasizing your natural warmth.

Dark Skin with Cool Undertones

Opt for a cooler, burgundy-infused copper. This creates a dynamic contrast that accentuates your natural coolness while adding an unexpected twist to your overall look.

Dark Skin with Warm Undertones

Go for a rich, fiery copper with red undertones. This combination enhances your warm undertones, creating a stunning visual effect.

Porcelain or Very Fair Skin with Cool Undertones

Opt for a copper shade with a touch of burgundy to create a captivating visual dynamic.

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