No Plastic Surgeries: New Celeb Trend

In a move that has stunned a wide segment of the Internet, the 20-year old shared two photos on her Instagram page yesterday that featured her rocking a tight black dress and standing next to some friend named Stassie Karanikolaou.

Best Revenge Song of 2017

In life, it is usual to experience a bunch of ups and downs in terms of dealing with relationships. And sadly, these downs can really affect how you feel when you hear a certain song come on the radio. Maybe the lyrics remind you of your ex significant other, or the song was the song that was playing in your room when the two of you broke up. Regardless, music has the ability to affect your mood and emotions. When a song comes of that elicits an emotional response from someone, they tend to go through a variety of emotions, ranging from sad to vengeful, to angry, and so on. Fortunately, along with those songs that may have some unpleasant emotions associated with them, there are also songs that seem to put you in a good mood right when you hear them come on the radio or come on your playlist.

Here’s How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Let’s face it: We are all obsessed with selfies. We take selfies alone or with friends, at home or outdoor, with or without make up. So how can we get the best result? As you might know, there is plenty of applications to improve your photo: you can change the lights, put a filter and even cover pimples and change the color of your eyes.

Be Careful Of The New Snapchat Update

Social media platforms are constantly changing. Instagram and Facebook have been updating their algorithms to offer the best user experience for their customers. Technology is evolving day by day and the continued growth and adaptation of these popular social media sites don't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Best Songs to Run To

Running is one of the most well known and widely practiced forms of exercise that there is. The benefits of running are clear, as they promote the maintenance of a healthy weight, increase stamina, and even provide stress relief to those who run often. Sometimes, though, actually getting up and finding the motivation within yourself to go for a run outside or even just go for a light jog on the treadmill can be difficult.

Gangnam Style Star Is Immortalized In A Statue

If you have ever listened to the radio, then you will not have missed the one soundtrack that seemed to take ahold of the world in 2012 - ‘Gangnam Style’. This upbeat pop track, was performed by South Korean megastar Psy. But not even he could have imagined its international success.