Top Tips for Curating Your Instagram Profile

If your current mission in life is to make your Instagram profile stand out and attract more followers, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your goal is personal or professional, these tips can help you curate a stunning feed, hashtag #goals.

Find Your Vibe

First, decide on an aesthetic that reflects your personality (or your brand’s personality). Be it minimalistic, colorful, or vintage, make sure you keep it consistent. Use similar filters, color palettes, and editing styles to create a cohesive look.

Plan Your Grid

Think of your Insta as a visual story and plan your posts in advance to ensure a harmonious layout. Apps like Planoly can show you how your photos will look together and allow you to arrange them in a way that flows naturally. 

Quality Over Quantity

Finally, focus on posting high-quality images that grab attention. You’ll need to invest in a good camera or smartphone to do this, but hey, a well-shot photo is significantly more likely to engage your audience.

And one last note: As you do all this, remember—your Instagram account is not you. Putting in time and effort to make your Insta shine is great (especially if you have a specific goal in mind), but it may take some time to show results. So, make sure that you don’t base your self-esteem on how successful it is.

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