5 Pinterest Food Trends You Should Get a Taste of This Summer

If you have a habit of switching up your diet once summer arrives, it’s time to discover some delicious new food trends to put on your daily menu. Pinterest’s summer forecast introduced us to quite a few delicious food trends worth tasting this season, including these five.

Mango Bonanza

If mangos happen to be your favorite summer fruit, it’s time to put a twist on the way you eat them. You can try a wide variety of mango desserts, including mango floats, sago, chia seed pudding, jelly, and crape.

Avocados with a Twist

Avocados will be ripe for reinvention this season, so get ready to discover fun new ways to eat them, from avocado bread and fries to avocado shakes and ice cream.

Sourdough Experiments

Summer heat shouldn’t stop you from firing up the oven, since sourdough experiments are going stronger than ever, including sourdough bagels, tortillas, and croutons.

Themed Dinner Parties

If you’re in the mood to host a dinner party this summer, make sure to choose a theme. Fairy dinner parties are the most-searched term of Pinterest, along with Greek, Chinese, coastal, and vintage dinner parties.

Spill the Tea

Tea parties will also be having a moment this season despite the summer heat. Bridgerton-themed tea parties are all the rage on Pinterest, along with Persian tea, matcha milk tea, strawberry ice tea, coco milk tea, and lemon ice tea.

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