Best Ways to Make Sure Your “Girl Dinner” is Actually Healthy

“Girl dinner” emerged as one of TikTok’s biggest food trends this year, and it’s all about enjoying some of your favorite comfort snacks late in the evening. The trend immediately caused concern, with many dieticians feeling it’s not nutritious enough, but there are ways to make your “girl dinner” much healthier.

Perfect Balance

The best way to create a healthy and nutritious “girl dinner” is to find the perfect balance between the ingredients you’re going to use. Make sure your dinner contains lean protein, carbs, healthy fat, and fresh fruits and vegetables that will keep you fed and energized late in the evening.

Calorie Count

One of the first TikTok users to slam girl dinner is @siennabeluga, with her viral comment “some of these ‘girl dinners’ look a little suspiciously low cal to me.” Experts noticed that her heart is in the right place, since it’s best to try eating around 500 calories when putting together your “girl dinner” plate, while most viral videos contain much less.

Portion Control

The main concern with “girl dinner” is that it’s too restrictive, but it’s also pretty easy to go overboard. Portion control is key even when it comes to this trend, especially if your “girl dinner” includes sugary sweets and greasy snacks that aren’t that healthy.

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