3 Ways to Add Braids to Your Hair

Braids are the perfect way to easily spice up any hairstyle. Once you get the hang of them, they’re super easy to do, and also very versatile. If you’re stuck on ways to include braids, here are three simple ideas.

Either Side of Your Face

This is really easy to do, yet creates a really pretty and unique look. Just section off the front bits of your hair on either side of your face. Braid each side, trying to match them up as best you can. Tie the ends of these, making them as loose or tight as you like.

Half-Up Half-Down Braid

Most people know the idea of the half-up half-down look. Use this as a starter, and then bring the top half back and turn it into a plait. This will look like the usual hairstyle from the front but with an added layer of intricacy to the back. 

Along the Side

Section off some hair from the top, on one side of your head. Braid this and then pin it back so it sits along the side of your head. This is an easy and subtle way to play around with different styles.

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