Your Favorite Fantasy Franchises Are Inspiring Amazing New Makeup Collections

Pop culture has proven to be an endless source of inspiration for major beauty brands. With the fantasy genre experiencing somewhat of a renaissance these days, some of the leading cosmetics companies decided to launch new makeup lines inspired by this rising trend.

Harry Potter—Colourpop Cosmetics

We’ve seen Harry Potter inspire everything from fashion to home décor collections over the years, and Colourpop decided to bring this franchise into the world of makeup, as well. Their Hogwarts-themed line features a wide range of products, and you’ll find one that suits you no matter which house you belong to.

Game of Thrones—Revolution Makeup

House of the Dragon welcomed us back to Westeros, and Revolution is celebrating its premiere by dropping a makeup line inspired by the series that started it all. Their Game of Thrones collection perfectly encapsulates the vibe of this series and it allows you to transform into your inner Dragon Queen.

Alice in Wonderland—Sigma Beauty

Disney-inspired collections are never going out of style, and Sigma’s latest pays homage to Alice in Wonderland. In addition to an impressive eyeshadow palette, cheek duo, and lip duo, it also features a wide range of makeup tools, including a colorful brush set.

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