There’s Nothing Wrong With Doing One Push-Up

Working out isn’t just a task, it’s a philosophy. You may think that it’s a means to an end, but having that mindset may give you problems down the line. Let’s say you’re looking to start working out, but you’re a bit on the heavy side and you haven’t built enough muscle yet to complete basic tasks, such as a push-up or a pull-up. Perhaps you can only complete one at a time. Here’s why there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

It’s a Process

You have to understand that everything is a process. Every body-builder had to start somewhere. The more you mope about where you’re currently not, the slower you’ll actually get there. It may seem counter-productive, but you have to appreciate where you are in your process in order to actually make progress.

Love Yourself

A big part of appreciating the process is also about loving yourself. Perhaps you’re ashamed at yourself for only being able to do one push-up, and perhaps you’re blaming yourself for not being more in shape at this current juncture. But you need to start loving yourself and appreciate even the smallest accomplishments you do—because with the right mindset, you’ll be doing ten, 20, or even 50 push-ups in due time!

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