This Haircut Will Leave Fine Hair Looking Thicker!

As the seasons transition from one to another, it’s an excellent time for you to, too. We’re not suggesting anything drastic, but a haircut can do wonders. After all, they say it’s as good as a holiday!

Not everyone has the courage to chop their locks, and that’s totally fine. TikTok, as always, has discovered a new cut that will give you volume without sacrificing length.

Known as the “U-shape cut”, it has gone viral on the social media platform even though it has been around for decades. That’s good news as it probably means your stylist has done a few thousand. The U-shape haircut is very similar to the classically popular V-shape haircut, in that they both involve the back and middle of your hair being longer than the sides. It allows your layers to blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair, as opposed to appearing chunky and obvious. 

The cut works on almost any length, and what’s even better is that it can make fine hair appear thicker! That’s down to layers framing the face which gives dimension and prevents hair looking limp. It works on thicker hair, too, with the option of adding more layers to provide movement. 

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