‘Wonder Woman’ Director Talks About Bringing The Iconic Character To Life

Israeli actress Gal Gadot wowed audiences with her powerful performance as Wonder Woman. Bringing the feminist icon to the big screen was no easy task and the director of the film, Patty Jenkins recently sat down to talk about the challenge of a character that has already meant so much to so many.

Jenkins knew the project was made for her given her love of Wonder Woman and the genre in general but still found the challenge of putting the character on the silver screen for the first time quite daunting. Wonder Woman has been a beloved character for so many years and has become a symbol, translating that into a blockbuster film was no easy task.

For Jenkins, it meant building a multi-faceted and multi-dimensional character. The strength, femininity, beauty, and fierceness all wrapped into one powerful punch. Unlike the many flat female sidekicks that have populated superhero films, Wonder Woman stands out and stands tall. She is not a niche character, she is an icon all on her own. As cinema-goers we could not be happier that Jenkins gave us Gal Gadot in all her glory, proving that women can and will have it all.

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