Wishing for Waves Like Sadie Sink? Here’s How to Get ‘Em

Ever since appearing on the second season of Stranger Things, Sadie Sink’s stardom has been rising. The redhead actress has blossomed on screen from tomboy Max Mayfield to one of the ethereal actresses to walk the red carpet. 

The Whale star looked breathtaking at the New York City premiere for the Oscar-nominated film. Sink’s hair was styled by Tommy Buckett who is responsible for some of her most memorable looks.

Buckett described the 20-year-old’s hair at The Whale premiere as having an “editorial feel, with one thicker section of hair that created its own wave pattern.” Here is how he achieved that.

Step #1

Apply a product like Oribe’s Hair Alchemy Serum through damp or dry hair. This will keep the hair soft and lock in moisture, while also preventing breakage. 

Step #2

Separate the hair into horizontal sections. The key to creating Sink’s effortlessly chic waves is to use different tools and techniques. Use a large barrel curling iron on some sections and a flat iron on others in alternating directions. 

Step #3

If you want your waves to last for a long period of time, you can use pin curl clips or duckbill clips to set them in place. Avoid exercising or excessive wind, and use products that counter humidity and static to protect your hair from the elements.  

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