Are Skincare Products Still Okay to Use Past the Expiry Date?

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a drawer filled with half-used products. Bottles of foundation that don’t match your skin tone at the moment or lip glosses that were all the rage at one point.

You might also have some skincare products that you began using in earnest but forgot about along the way. Now that they’ve been re-discovered, the question is—are they still good to use?

Make-up and skincare, just like food, has an expiration date. 

This is because they often include active ingredients which should be stored a certain way and used within a specific time period. Doing so after can result in the products being ineffective at best, and irritating to your skin at worst. 

Products that have a liquid or semi-liquid consistency are particularly ones to look out for. Although they contain preservatives which keep bacteria at bay, the preservatives break down over time, allowing bacteria to thrive.

To ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck, use a permanent market to write the date on which you opened the product. Both make-up and skincare will feature a symbol indicating how long the product is good for once opened. You can then do some calculations. 

It’s a good idea to store your stuff in a cool, dry space that isn’t affected by humidity. 

Expiration will usually result in a product changing consistency or emitting a funky odor. So if your product has either of those, you’re better off saying bye-bye. 

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