Why You Shouldn’t Have a TV in Your Bedroom

While watching TV after a long day in the office is a regular and understandable way to unwind, the location of your TV matters. Although appropriate to put in your living room, a TV is significantly less suited to your bedroom. Here’s why.

Firstly, a TV in the bedroom is actually a poor design choice. When not in use, it ruins the aesthetics of your bedroom, basically becoming a big black box in the middle of the room. Still, the problem with putting a TV in the bedroom extends far beyond being a fashion disaster.

“I firmly believe that the bedroom should be a sanctuary dedicated to rest, relaxation and intimate moments,” designer Marie Cloud explained. This makes sense, especially since the bedroom is supposed to be for resting, while the living room is better suited to watching TV. Also, being stuck in the bedroom all day is also quite counterproductive.

Aside from disturbing the tranquillity of the bedroom, a TV can also cause health issues. By watching TV in your room, you can quickly get carried away by binging your favorite shows and therefore sacrifice hours of sleep, leaving you tired the next day. Rather, read a book as this will help you drift off to sleep.

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