Why You Should Date Yourself

Do you find yourself repeatedly seeking validation and self-worth through relationships and dating? Do you have a desire to show yourself more love? You need to start dating yourself.

Dating yourself is a new trend where you show yourself the love you seek from others. You plan dates with yourself, practice self-love techniques, and really show up for yourself in ways you expect other people to. If you still need more convincing, here’s why you should date yourself.

You Feel Disappointed and Desperate in Your Dating Life

Often when we feel desperate for a relationship or even just attention from someone else, it’s because we don’t have the self-esteem to realize we are just as good and worthy without it. Dating yourself will make you fall in love with yourself, no matter your relationship status.

You Want to Show Yourself More Love

If you want to show yourself more love but don’t know where to start, dating yourself is the perfect way to do that. You will spend time doing things alone like going for coffee or dinner, or maybe spending a night in journaling about your dreams. You can even buy yourself flowers or little gifts. Each of these actions is you giving yourself love and respect. The more you do it, the more you will believe that you are worthy and amazing!

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