Why The Ukelele Has Become So Trendy

There’s nothing more fun than playing music for a group of friends, especially in the right setting. Whether you’re all sitting around a campfire, or just hanging in your college dorm, having a jam session can really set the mood. As far as instruments go, the ukelele has emerged over the last decade as one of the most popular instruments people love to play, and here’s why.

Easy to Learn

We’ll be the first to say that no instrument is truly “easy” to learn. However, the ukelele comes closer to easy than many others. From the soft strings that are easy to press down to the basic chord shapes, you can learn how to play a handful of songs in a manner of months with the right dedication.


Like a guitar, and even more so, the ukelele is incredibly practical. It’s easy to carry around due to its lightweight nature and tiny stature. With traveling as popular as it is today, it’s no surprise that people opt to take ukeleles with them on their trips.

Soft Tone

Another reason ukeleles are so popular is the way they sound. The sweet, lush tone that comes out of a ukelele has an exotic quality to it, specifically, that’s Hawaiian in nature. It truly does elicit feelings of vacation, romanticism, and chillness.

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