What Type of Workflow Works Best For You?

Being productive, whether it’s in the workplace or at home, isn’t always easy to do. There are methods in which to improve one’s productivity, but ultimately there’s no one perfect way to optimize your workflow because everyone operates differently. That being said, if you’re aware of what type of workflow works best for you, you’ll not only be more productive, but you’ll enjoy it more too. So what kind of workflow type works best for you?

Sprinters vs. Joggers

We might be over-simplifying things a bit, but we believe worker types boil down to two categories: sprinters and joggers. If you can identify which one you are, perhaps it’ll be easier for you to stick with a process that helps you become more efficient.


Joggers are experts at multi-tasking and playing the long game. They don’t mind sitting with their tasks for a longer period of time because they prefer to work at a relaxed, more leisurely pace. They’re comfortable with the slow burn because that’s how they operate best.


Sprinters are a bit more hyper-focused and extreme. They immerse themselves deeply into one task at a time and don’t rest until that task is finished. They’re willing to block themselves off from all distractions in exchange for a healthy, well-deserved break when it’s all done.

So which type are you? A sprinter or a jogger?

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