5 Trends from H&M Home You Need in Your Life This Summer

Summer is coming our way fast, and if you’re thinking of giving your home a total makeover, it’s time to start plotting your master plan. The new season is bringing many amazing home décor trends our way, and H&M Home’s Instagram page introduced us to quite a few.

Fruit Print

Fruit print tends to make a comeback as soon as summer arrives, bringing a burst of vibrant colors into our lives. Judging by H&M Home’s page, citrus fruits, and strawberries will be having a moment this summer.

Shell-Shaped Decorations

Shell-shaped décor pieces are also a staple of the summer décor, and H&M Home prepared everything from vases to pillows inspired by the sea this summer.

Quirky Vases

Speaking of vases, you can use them to add personality and charm to your home since unconventional shapes and playful designs are having a moment right now.

Natural Elements

Summer is the best time to welcome the sense of tranquility into your home and give it a boho touch. What better way to do it than to incorporate natural elements into your décor, such as wood and rattan?

Dopamine Décor

Dopamine décor has been trending for quite some time, and H&M Home offers many vibrant, quirky decorations with mood-boosting quality that will make your home truly pop.

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