3 Tips for Shiny, Frizz-Free Hair

We all want hair that shines and glows and is frizz-free. However, many of us find our hair struggles to achieve this. While factors such as hair type, diet, and water pH play a huge role, there are certain tricks you can try to help it be more shiny and less frizzy. Here are some simple ones to try out. 

Use a Hair Oil

Hair oils are amazing, as you can add them to wet or dry hair for a glossy shine. They help to hydrate the hair which means shinier, healthier-looking hair. They also smell great, so they are perfect to liven up your locks. 

Rinse With Cold Water

Try this simple trick the next time you wash your hair, as it can make a huge difference in reducing frizz and giving more sheen. It might not be the most enjoyable sensation, but your hair will surely thank you for it. 

Use Silk or Satin Pillowcases

These luxurious items may be more expensive than your standard cotton cases, but they are so beneficial to your hair health that it’s well worth the spend. These materials are much more gentle on your hair, therefore, reducing breakage which is a big cause of frizz. 

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