Here Are 4 Easy Vegetables for New Gardeners

Spending time in a garden is such a joy to many people. While it’s amazing to simply take in the lovely green atmosphere, there are also so many exciting things you can do in this space. If you’ve never grown your own vegetables then the thought of it may seem impossible. However, there are plenty of veggies that don’t require much expertise to grow and the reward is so great. Here are some of the best vegetables for new gardeners.


These tasty green vegetables are the perfect addition to so many dishes and they’re super easy to grow in your own garden. You’ll also have the chance to use the courgette flower if you like.


A super popular vegetable across the world, these hearty green legumes are tasty and high in protein. They’re also easy to grow, and it’s so much fun picking them and removing them from their pods. 


While some may argue these hearty tubers are not technically vegetables, that doesn’t mean they’re not one of the best choices for a garden. They are a popular staple in many people’s diets, and rooting through the earth to find the hidden treasure is such a joy.

Runner Beans

These tasty greens are climbers, which means you’ll need to base them around a pole or some other kind of support. Once they start climbing though, it will be plenty of fun to watch them grow upwards.

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