3 Signs Your Hair Is Ready for a Trim

So, you think your hair might need a trim, but you’re not sure? It can be tricky to know exactly when to head back to the salon. But keeping those ends tidy is crucial for maintaining your hair’s health and style. Here are a few clear signs that it’s time to book that haircut appointment.

Split Ends

One of the most obvious signs that your hair needs a trim is the appearance of split ends. When the ends of your hair start to split, they can make your hair look frizzy and feel rough or straw-like. The only way to prevent the hair from splitting further is by trimming these ends.

Tangles and Knots

If you’re noticing more tangles and knots than usual, especially at the ends of your hair, this could be another sign that it’s time for a trim. Healthy hair should be relatively easy to brush through, but damaged hair tends to snag and form knots. 

Lack of Shape and Volume

As your hair grows, it can lose the shape and style it had when you last cut it. If your hair has started to look flat and lacks its usual volume, a trim can help revive its body and improve its overall appearance. 

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