What to Wear to Stay Cozy This Winter 

It can be tricky to stay cozy and stylish at the same time in cold weather. Investing in high quality cold-weather clothes is a great way to keep warm, while avoiding looking like a marshmallow! Here are a few of our top recommendations for what to wear to stay snug this winter.

Merino Wool

Merino wool socks and base layers should form the foundation of your cold weather outfits. It’s lightweight, super cozy and moisture-wicking. Not a fan of wool next your skin? Don’t worry—merino wool is much finer and softer than regular wool, and it’s not itchy at all!

Layers Layers Layers

Layers are a great way to keep well insulated, because warm air stays trapped in between each layer. It also means you can easily cool down when moving between different temperatures. Choose snug but not tight layers to allow air to circulate.

Down Jacket

Down jackets (or synthetic insulated jackets if you’re vegan) are the best outer layers for dry, cold weather. These days you can get super stylish down jackets that will keep you cozy all day long, while looking chic. Add a thin waterproof jacket on top if heading out into the rain!


You lose lots of body heat through your head, which is why you should always wear a warm hat when facing cooler climates. Choose a hat that covers your head and ears to keep you cozy and frostbite-free!

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