3 Best Ways to Build a Picture-Perfect Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board

We can count on new takes on charcuterie boards to emerge a few times a year, and the holiday season has given us the most festive one yet. Charcuterie boards shaped like Christmas trees are all the rage right now, and here are the three best ways to embrace this trend.

Pick the Right Board

The easiest way to embrace this trend is to buy a board that’s shaped like a Christmas tree. They’re pretty popular these days so you won’t struggle to find one, but you should think twice before doing so because they can only be used during the holiday season.

Arrange the Ingredients

Buying a Christmas tree-shaped board might feel like a waste of money, but using a regular one is always an option. If you decide to go down this road, simply arrange the ingredients in several rows so they resemble a Christmas tree. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the ingredients, but you should consider using some rosemary because it resembles tree branches.

Stack’Em Up

If you want to eliminate the board from the equation altogether, stacking the ingredients on top of each other is a good idea. Use toothpicks to keep them in place, and consider making smaller individual servings because your charcuterie tree won’t look so great once you start taking out the ingredients.

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