The Best Indoor Activities for Rainy Days 

Rainy days can be a bummer when you want to get out and about. But they’re also a great time to learn some new skills or enjoy some indoor hobbies. View your next rainy day as an opportunity to indulge in some much-needed me time with these fun indoor activities!

Learn to Knit

Knitting is a fantastic way to while away the hours indoors and make yourself some quirky accessories. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you can pop on your favorite Netflix series and keep those needles clacking while you watch. There are plenty of great YouTube tutorials to help you get started.

Bake Cookies

Rainy, cold weather can make us crave sweet treats. Why not have a go at whipping up some homemade cookies? Added bonus—baking cookies will make your house smell amazing!

DIY Spa Day

Being stuck indoors is the perfect time to do a bit of pampering. Grab a face mask, put on some relaxing music, and reeeeelax!

Organize your Closet

Fancy feeling productive? It’s time to reorganize your closet! Check out some organization inspo on Instagram, get rid of any clothes or shoes that you no longer wear and clear out all that clutter. A tidy closet is a great starting point for a tidy mind!

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