Use The Bowl Method to Achieve the Wavy Hair of Your Dreams

If you have long hair and are on social media, you’ve probably heard of the “curly girl method” of styling hair. If you tried that method, but it didn’t quite turn out how you had hoped because your hair isn’t quite curly enough, then this method might just work for you!

The “Bowl Method” is perfect for those who have wavy hair because it helps form the waves much more naturally. Here’s how to achieve the wavy hair of your dreams using the “Bowl Method”.

Step 1: Wash and Condition Hair

Wash hair and condition normally in the shower. Complete the next steps immediately after getting out of the shower.

Step 2: Leave-In Conditioner + Bowl

Apply leave-in conditioner to hair and fill a bowl with water. Flip your head over and dip your hair into the bowl. 

Step 3: Scrunch Those Curls

Take hair out of water and squish curls repeatedly. Dip curls back into water.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat Step 3 for a couple minutes, or until the product is evenly distributed throughout hair. This helps the waves/curls look less clumpy because there won’t be any areas with product buildup.

Step 5: Apply Gel/Mousse

Remove curls from bowl and squish until waves/curls form. Apply your gel or mousse to soaking wet hair. 

Step 6: Dip and Scrunch…Again!

Dip curls back in water and scrunch until you are satisfied. Enjoy your beautiful, bouncy waves!

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