Why You Should Have 2 Sponges for Your Kitchen Sink

Most people only have one kitchen sponge for their dirty dishes. What many people don’t realize is how dirty a kitchen sink really is, and how to prevent all those germs from transferring onto your newly cleaned dishes.

Research has found that some kitchen sinks are actually dirtier than toilet bowls. Ew! This is due to the buildup of old food and waste in the sink that lives in the sponges and on the sink surfaces. Some people suggest having two kitchen sponges—one for clearing plates and one for actually cleaning the dishes once they’ve been cleared.

The Clearing Sponge

This sponge does all the heavy lifting. Whether a dish is being cleared to go in the dishwasher, or you plan to wash it by hand, make sure to use this sponge to get all the food particles off before you go in with the next sponge.

The Cleaning Sponge

The cleaning sponge is the sponge that should be kept in the best condition. It should really only be coming in contact with soap, water, and mostly clean dishes. This will prevent food waste from building up and generating germs within the sponge, so it actually leaves the dishes clean and ready to use!

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