Surprising Ways to Style a Belt

If you’re only using your belt to hold up your jeans, you’re seriously missing out on so many great fashion moments. There are so many ways to style a belt besides just looping it through the belt loop on your pants. Here are some of the best (and surprising) ways to use your belt to elevate your outfits! 

Over a Blazer

Ever feel like you lose your shape when you put on a blazer? You can use a belt to help find your waist again! Put on your blazer and then style your belt at your natural waist OVER the blazer. This will cinch your waist and level up your outfit in just 2 seconds!

To Crop Your Sweaters

If a sweater is a little too long for your liking, you can easily crop it with your belt. Simply put the belt over the sweater at your waist, then pull the top of the sweater out until it is cropped to your liking. This is great for changing the style of a sweater you like to wear a lot or just bring some more shape to your body!

Turn Your Dress Into a Maxi Skirt

Do you have a beautiful maxi dress from summer that you wish you could wear during the colder months? Put a belt and sweater over it and tuck the sweater into the belt to create a waistline. This is a great way to maximize your wardrobe!

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