Unleash Your Artist Potential By Embracing Your Flaws

Art is one of those funny mediums that shouldn’t be treated the exact same way as most other things in life. For instance, if you’re an accountant, a mistake you make can possibly ruin a client’s finances. Or if you’re an architect, a mistake you make can truly cause physical harm to someone else. But in the world of art, a mistake can actually be turned into a benefit. Here’s why embracing your flaws can actually make you a better artist.

Listen, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t work on your craft from a technical sense. Artistry in all forms is still very much a discipline, and it doesn’t do well to throw a bunch of garbage at a wall if you don’t have any fundamentals to back it up.

But it also doesn’t benefit anyone to just be another cog in a machine. As mentioned earlier, when you’re riding an elevator, or walking up a staircase, you want everything to be the same. You don’t want any surprises. But when listening to a song, or looking at someone’s art, it’s the exact opposite. You want to be surprised, you want to be inspired, and you want to see the world through another lens. This is a crucial component of being an artist, and something you should totally embrace if you are one.

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