The Perfect Outfit to Wear On a Plane

Deciding on what you should wear on a plane is a lot easier said than done. There are a handful of parameters to consider, especially considering the fact that you’ll be cooped up in a metal tube thousands of miles in the sky for hours and hours on end. Add to that the fact that getting comfortable isn’t always easy on a plane, and you have yourself a serious dilemma. So what should you wear?

The Perfect Balance

When it comes to the top area of your body, it’s basically a no-brainer. You should wear a comfy tee shirt just in case it gets hot, but also have a sweat shirt on hand for the times when it gets cold.

Now comes the trickier part—the pants area. Should you wear pants or shorts? This is an age old question that is still hard to answer. If you wear pants, things might heat up too much on the plane. On the other hand, if you wear shorts, that blanket the airline gives simply just won’t cut it when things get cold.

The perfect solution is to wear pants that aren’t particular thick. It can be pajama pants, it can be casual pants, whatever works for you. As long as the material is somewhat breathable, it’ll satisfy your needs whether you’re feeling cold or hot on the plane.

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