This Trick Will Help With Those Pesky Pimples

It will probably take you less than a second to work out the purpose of eyedrops. Yet, adding extra moisture to your eyeballs is not the only thing that this liquid can be used for. In fact, it is remarkably good at treating pimples. 

Waking up with a zit is never a nice thing, even if it’s an ordinary Tuesday and you have no big events in the foreseeable future. 

The blemishes can still show up long after puberty and typically appear red and angry. But instead of you also getting red and angry, use this trick to calm you both down.

Simply squeeze some eyedrops onto a cotton bud and hold it gently against the offensive spot. Don’t rub the area as it can cause irritation (resulting in an even angrier pimple). You should see the redness starting to fade. 

So, um, what happened?

Well, eyedrops include an ingredient called tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride which is a vasoconstrictor. In plain English, that means it has the power to narrow blood vessels, and in turn, reduce inflammation. 

Although the redness may disappear, eyedrops don’t actually treat the pimple itself. Your skin can also get used to the tetrahydrozoline if used too often, so keep this trick in your bag for days you really need it. 

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