How to Fight the Frizz This Summer

This is a public service announcement: check on your curly-haired friends this summer. The season is notorious for bringing frizz to the fore, which is public enemy number one for curly girls. If you’re fighting the frizz, these tips will help you win the war. 

The Right Tools

It takes an army to battle frizz, so have all your soldiers on board. A satin pillowcase is much more gentle on your strands, preventing you from waking up with a bird’s nest on your head. There are also anti-static brushes that can be used to tame frizz. Try avoid using heat on your hair as this can dry it out even more, making it susceptible to humidity.

Magic Potions

Your hair needs a little extra TLC in the summertime. Apply a good leave-in conditioner that suits your hair type as this will act as a shield against the humidity. While your hair is wet, run some serum and oil through the ends. Any product with the words “anti-frizz” can also help you out. 

Emergency Kit

When all else fails, sometimes it’s just best to tie your hair down. Keep an emergency anti-frizz kit on hand featuring bobby pins, clips, and elastics. You can create a quick braid to keep the frizz at bay or embrace an up-do.

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