Here’s Why You NEED to Wear Sunscreen on Your Neck

We all love a golden glow on our faces, but at what cost? Skincare gurus and medical professionals claim that sunscreen is one of the most important skin care steps of all time. Wearing an SPF not only protects against skin cancer, but it also is one of the most powerful tools to prevent physical signs of aging! Finally, it seems like people are taking SPF seriously and applying it to their faces during their morning skincare routine. 

While this is a great step, many people forget to bring sunscreen down their necks! Bringing your sunscreen down to your neck is crucial to prevent skin cancer and reduce signs of aging. Often, our necks are one of the first places people show signs of aging, so make sure you’re protecting that skin! 

One picture, in particular, went viral because it showed the effects of skipping the neck SPF. A woman put SPF on her face for 40+ years, but neglected her neck–and it shows! There are clear signs of aging on her neck, and it’s far more than the skin on her face. This just proves how important it is to protect your skin (and not just your face) from the harsh UV rays.

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