3 Ways to Wear a Sweater (Without Really Wearing It)

Is there anything better than a cozy sweater in the winter? We don’t think so! Wearing a warm sweater seems like a great idea until you have to move from the intense cold into a heated building. At that point you might start sweating so much you have to take the sweater off! There’s no reason why this should ruin your outfit–in fact, it can level it up! Here are a few great ways to tie a sweater.

Tied Across Your Body

Similar to how you would wear a crossbody bag, you can tie your sweater across your chest to add some color and dimension to your outfit. Just be sure to make a neat tie so that it looks purposeful and styled, rather than roughly tied around you!

Loosely Tied in the Center

If the crossbody look isn’t for you, you can also choose to put the sweater over both shoulders, tying it loosely under your neck. This will create more of a cape effect in the back, which is super stylish. 

Draped Over Your Shoulders

One of the most popular ways to wear a sweater (without really wearing it) is to simply drape it. Instead of typing, you put the body of the sweater on your back and leave the arms hanging over your shoulders in the front.

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