This Machine Will Make You Design A Ready To Wear Sweater

Imagine if you could personally design clothes and have them ready instead of having to buy them. With Kniterate you can! You could be wearing all the stuff designed by you and always be unique.

On top of that, you would stop having to look for clothes you like in shops and having to try them with the hope they would fit your body type.

What is exactly Kniterate? It is a digital knitting machine that allows you to create custom knitted products like sweaters or dresses. You can send your designs to a computer-controlled needle to be 3D printed.

The machine has 6 different colors. You can either create your own design from scratch or if you are not exactly the creative kind, you can find one from Kniterate’s library of templates. 

“We love knitwear. It’s light and breathable, adapts to your body and unlike cut-and-sew, there is almost no waste, because the product is knitted to shape and you can reuse the yarn,” the Kniterate team wrote on the website. 

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