Disabled Father Surprises His Daughter On Her Wedding Day In The Most Amazing Way

You are warned, this story will bring tears to your eyes.

Ralph Duquette was diagnosed with lukemia several years ago. He went through a very tough period of chemotherapy to try to kick the disease. Luckily, the cancer is in recession, but after all the treatments, Duquette’s body was left numb. He was unable to walk or have full usage of his arms and hands. At one point, he tried learning to walk again, but fell, hit his head and became blind in one eye. This terrified him from trying to walk again. For the years following the incident, he was confined to a wheelchair. But through it all, his family and in particular his daughter, stood by his side.

It was announced that his daughter was going to marry. Duquette just couldn’t imagine going down the aisle with his daughter in a wheelchair. So over the following months, he privately worked on learning how to walk again. He kept the entire plan a secret until the day finally arrived.

His daughter appeared at the end of the aisle, and as she glances over to her father a look of shock appears across her face as she watches her father stand and walk over to her. The two walk down the aisle amongst tears from all the guests. But who wouldn’t be crying. This was a truly beautiful gesture from a loving father.

You won’t believe it… but he danced that night too!

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