Amazing Advice For Dating In Your 40s

Dating in your 40’s might seem light a daunting experience, but there are a few things you can take into account that will make everything seem much easier, and maybe even enjoyable.

Be Mature – forget all the drama and games from your 20’s, and treat all new relationships as a mature woman.

Get Real – when you are young, you dream of the perfect man, even though he might not actually exist. That does not mean settling for any man, but it means being more forgiving on people flaws.

Matching Ages – if you want someone who has been through similar life experiences, try dating men who are the same age as you. You might you have a lot more to talk about than someone who is years younger, or older.

Take it Slow – a good lesson to learn is how to take things slower, rather than rushing into relationships that aren’t right for you, only so you have a companion.

Don’t Settle – this goes hand-in-hand with taking things slow. Don’t just settle for any one, make sure you find the right person to spend your days with.

Set High Expectations – set your standards for a partner a little higher than when you were younger, you want someone that is stable and that is going to be there for you.

Watch Your Baggage – while you are aware of others baggage, also remember your own. Realize that someone is going to love you also, so be forgiving with things such as family and emotional issues from past relationships.

Don’t Be Angry – you might have suffered in the past, but don’t carry it around with you. A happy person is also much more attractive.

Be A Lady – understand that even though you are independent single woman, it is also a sign of strength when you are willing to let someone new into your life.


Now go out there ladies and get your man!

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