If You’ve Ever Been Cheated On, You Need To Read This

We all remember the boy or girl that first showed us that love wasn’t reserved for the characters of the all-time famous love stories. We remember the butterflies, the giggles, the late night phone calls and hand holding in movies.

We also remember the more serious relationships. The collective couple outings, the meeting of the parents and the ‘I Love You’s. That time when we think, believe, hope and pray that what we are feeling is unbreakable and may even last forever, many times it does.

Then there are the other, horrible, heartbreaking, we don’t want to even think about times where love gets broken. Not because it fades, or a couple chooses to go separate ways for their own individual reasons but when one half of the pair breaks the faithful bond and cheats.

Any bad break up hurts but when you are the one who has been cheated on you are dealing with a shattered heart and a million questions racing through your mind. The confusion and doubt is real but if we can give you one little bit of advice don’t blame yourself.

Not for one, tiny, split second! If it should ever happen to you and we really hope it doesn’t, the most important thing to remember is that it is never your fault. It’s ok to be sad and angry but you can also view the situation as the springboard for you to move on to better things a relationship with someone who would never break your trust.

There are people like that out there believe us, this relationship just wasn’t meant to be.

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