A Nice Pajama Set Is a Must

When you don’t really know who you’ll be sharing a hotel room during an out-of-town business conference and don’t want to show up looking like a high schooler, or if that guy from OKCupid unexpectantly is staying the night. If you don’t want to rush into wearing only your birthday suit, donning a cute pair of matching pajamas can be a form of foreplay.

Most stores like Forever 21 and Target have cute, sexy, funny and/or comfy sets for $15 or under. Pick up a set on your next trip to the mall, store it within reach, and you’ll be thankful you did!

Don’t forget that you should sleep in those, so number one tip is to choose a comfortable set. Only then we are going to the one that is more sexy or cute, pick one that is most fitting your personality.

If you feel comfortable in sexy clothes, don’t hesitate to buy something that is more daring than your usual outfit. If you are more comfortable with cute and simple and innocent clothes, pick a pink one with Hello Kitty on it.

Don’t be shy to make your bedtime wardrobe something that is just saying you with no excuses.

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