These Healthier Halloween Candies are All Treat Without the Trick

Remember that song “I Want Candy”? We feel the same way every Halloween! As Spooky Season arrives, we feel our sweet cravings go into overdrive, which means we’ve probably had way too much by the time All Hallow’s Eve actually arrives. If you’re in the same boat, but don’t want to miss out on tradition, these healthier options are a great alternative are definitely more treat than trick. 

Peanut Butter Balls

Chocolate and peanut butter has been one of the greatest combinations for as long as we can remember. If you need proof, look no further than Reese’s Cups and Snickers bars. This version is so simple to make and you can even add in some protein powder to make it healthier.

Chocolate Turtles

Dates are pretty much nature’s version of caramel, and they are the star of this treat. Combine them with dark chocolate that is rich in antioxidants, and pecans for crunch, and you have yourself a DIY Turtle!

Sweet & Sour Grapes

Calling all Sour Patch lovers—this one is for you. If you prefer to cringe when eating candy, then you’ll adore these sweet and sour grapes which can be made as sour as you like with lime juice and sherbet.

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