Making Good Designs Should Be About Simplicity

If you’re a designer of any kind, whether it be for home interior, digital graphics, or fashion, you’re very much like an artist. Design and art are incredibly similar in many ways, and in that sense it requires no small amount of imagination. However, while many artists sometimes feel the need to make their designs as complicated as possible, the opposite is actually true. Here’s why making good designs is actually all about simplicity.

Understand the Consumer

Design students can sometimes get too carried away with what they’ve learned, and forget that the customer is always right. At the end of the day, customers want something simple that’ll satisfy their needs—and that’s exactly why designers should strive to keep things simple.

Less Is More

Now, keeping things simple doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be clever or inventive. An artist can give of their vision in a subtle way that doesn’t feel too busy or loud. In fact, the best designs are the ones that don’t feel the need to scream their message, because they’re confident enough that their statement will get across regardless.

It all comes down to adopting a less is more approach. By keeping the design simpler, the overall theme actually comes across as much stronger.

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