Taking Public Transit Requires Constant Vigilance

While remote work is becoming more common in our society, most adults still need to get from point A to point B. However, many adults also don’t own a car, or possess enough money to be spending on Ubers every day. For these reasons, public transportation is a very common way that citizens travel, and it’s a cost-effective and practical solution for them. However, just because public transit is practical doesn’t mean it’s always safe—and it requires constant vigilance.

In New York City, and other areas of the world as well, the Subway is often frequented by people who are up to no good. For instance, there are some people who have been known to push others onto Subway tracks before trains arrive, resulting in tragic results.

But even if you get onto the train, you can’t exactly close your eyes and let your guard down. In cities where crime is a very real thing, people can steal your belongings while you’re sleeping, and even start fights with you if you’re not careful.

On busses, crime tends to be not as intense—but we wouldn’t exactly call it safe. If you have no choice but to ride the train or bus, you’d do well to keep a constant awareness of your surroundings, because you never know who might be on board.

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