The Theory Behind Kylie Jenner’s Baby Name

Kylie Jenner was surprisingly able to keep the secret of her pregnancy pretty quite up until she announced the birth of her baby girl in early February. Even though there were only rumors and nothing had been confirmed, fans from all over the world have been speculating on what outrageous name Kylie will bestow upon her new born baby girl. Kim Kardashian West has led the way for the family’s weird baby names with North pioneering the interesting trend. Kim also recently had a baby girl that she named Chicago.

Sure, one could assume that Kylie may opt for a more normalized baby name, but with everything about her being extra, fans were expecting a baby name that was out of the ordinary.

Throughout her pregnancy, Kylie had been using butterfly symbols in fashion choices, social media posts, and more. This led some fans to theorize that she would name her baby something like Butterfly, Crystal, or Monarch. However, when Jenner announced the name of her baby to be Stormi Webster, people were slightly surprised.

The theory that exists now is that the name Stormi has to do with what is called the “butterfly effect”. The butterfly effect basically says that every little thing that happens in life can cause a major impact- just like the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can cause the winds to produce a storm. Hence, the name Stormi. The fans who believe in this theory think that the name Stormi is an ode to the chance meeting that Kylie had with Stormi’s father, Travis Scott, that ultimately resulted in the media frenzy and storm that surrounded the birth of her baby.

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