The Secret Meaning Behind Angelina Julie’s Tattoos

You would think that Angelina Julie is famous for her acting or for her beauty. Well, while these two things are certainly what got her to be famous in the first place, for the past few years two new attributes had been rising up above others: her love and care for her children and her fixation with tattoos.

If you will check back Julie’s photos from the past few years, you will notice that among her famous tattoos she have a list of long numbers on her left arm. There were some rumors of what the numbers supposed to be and now the secret behind the strange tattoos has finally been revealed.

There is no doubt that Julie is caring for her children. The recent breakup with Brad Pitt was all about how he couldn’t father them right, she keeps her children safe from the paparazzi and reporters, but we still manage to get reports on how good she treats them and how wonderful her parenting is.

So the big secret is that each line of numbers on her arm represents the latitude and longitude numbers of each of her children’s birthplace. Now, this is a tattoo worth having.

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