The Best Celebrity “How We Met” Stories

Scarlett Johansson (Actress) & Romain Dauriac (Journalist)


These two met while getting inked. They both love the French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk, and both met while bumping into each other at his studio. Johansson had received a tattoo of a horseshoe for luck and Dauriac was planning a tattoo that read “Lost Illusions”. This started the beginning of a beautiful and creative relationship.


Ellen Pompeo (‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actress) & Chris Ivery (Music Producer)


This is why we were always told not to leave the house in your PJ’s – you never know what might happen. Pompeo bumped into Ivery while shopping for groceries. The two kept in touch after the quick encounter which eventually bloomed into a marriage four years later.


Matt Damon (Actor) & Luciana Barroso (Mother)


Sometimes it does pay to give your number to the bartender. Well at least in this case, it turn into a happy marriage. Damon met his wife in a Miami bar, who was bartending that night. He saw her from across the room and know it was meant to be.


Cynthia Nixon (‘Sex & The City’ Actress) & Christine Marinoni (Activist)


Nixon had never previously been with a woman, but it wasn’t until she met wife Marinoni, that she knew she couldn’t let her go. Both women met each other while at a rally about education budget cuts. Sharing similar political views has meant a fruitful and supportive relationship for the two.


Patrick Dempsey (Actor) & Jillian Fink (Hair Stylist)


In this case, a trip to the hairdresser turned into a romance. Dempsey instantly fell in love when he had his hair styled by Fink, his now wife. They are married with children, but Fink still cuts Dempsey’s hair to this day.


Carey Mulligan (Actor) & Marcus Mumford (Musician)


Now this is love story could easily be turned into a flick. Mulligan and Mumford were pen pals as kids, but it wasn’t until they met as adults that they fell madly in love. The two married in 2012.


Reese Witherspoon (Actress) & Jim Toth (Talent Agent)


The couple met at a Hollywood party when Toth was forced to apologize to Witherspoon for his friend who had been drunkenly hitting on her. She forgave the friend and gave Toth her number. Sometimes it pays to be sober! The two have been married since 2011.

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