Body-Language Signs You Can Send on the First Date

These days, you can manage almost your entire dating life online, you barely even need to see another person face-to-face. But there are some things that are best said, without words. These are the messages you can send, without even opening  your mouth.

Animation – In person, the words you use, your facial expressions and even how fast you talk, can say a lot about your energy level. Are you very animated? Or a little more toned down. Keep an eye on the way you talk and make sure the way you are saying things matches the words you use.

Power Poses – Spending a few moments at home or in the bathroom with your hands up, feet apart can do wonders for your confidence. Taking a physical position of power can boost your self-image and send the message that you are comfortable and confident.

New Direction – This is an easy one: turn in the direction of the person that you want to interact with. The direction of your body indicates where you want to be. Don´t be shy and turn away!

Head Dub – When your conversation partner goes on a monologue, sometimes it can be difficult to indicate that you are still interested in what they have to say. A little head tilt is the best way to send the message that you are interested in what they have to say and involved in the conversation.

Eye Contact and a Handshake – The tried and true ways to establish a connection quickly and firmly. It can be intimidating to look a stranger right in the eye, but it creates a bond. Physical contact also establishes a level a familiarity that can open up the conversation and create a more comfortable environment.

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