Dax Shepard and Kristen Bells Marriage Is Going Strong Because of their Differences

Hollywood is known as a city where love doesn’t last. Every time you pass by the newsstand, you’ll see tabloids advertising the latest celebrity breakup. With this in mind, it’s worth looking at how one of Hollywood’s favorite couples has survived the pressures of stardom.

Looking at the two a few answers come quickly to mind. For one, it seems like their marriage is proof of the age-old line that opposites attract. Dax was a troubled soul growing up while Kristen had a relatively sheltered life. But while they followed different paths to where they are it helps that the two share a common sense of humor. They are famous for their social media antics, anyone following them on Instagram will find a mixture of jokes and romance.

Still, while their romance might seem effortless from the outside, the couple is quick to confess that their relationship takes work. A proper balance of romance, parenthood, and their careers isn’t something that happened on its own. It helps that the couple went into things with realistic expectations.

For many couples therapy is seen as a last resort, something that they turn to when it looks like there is no other way to save the relationship. Dax and Kristen don’t see things this way; they started seeing a therapist soon after they became a couple. After experiencing their fair share of failed romances, the couple knew the value of bringing in a third party to help them address issues as soon as possible.

From the outside, the marriage looks like a fairytale, but up close the story might even be more romantic. After all, it’s a true story that any couple can learn from.

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