The Life of RuPaul Will Be Immortalized In a TV Show

JJ Abrams is producing a new TV show on the life of RuPaul. He is a real gay icon, a super talented drag performer and artist. RuPaul has been hosting RuPaul’s Drag Race for almost 9 seasons and so it has been decided to dedicate a TV show to this very interesting character.

The show production is under the Bad Robot shingle and in partnership with Warner Bros TV and reality show production company World of Wonder.

RuPaul will be the executive producer himself. The show will tell the story of RuPaul from his young adult years to today, focusing on the hard years in New York in the hope of becoming a star.

The part of NY is the one that really inspired the whole idea of making a show about this character. The TV show won’t reproduce everything literally, but will just take inspiration from his real life.

Also, RuPaul will be in the production staff as well so fans shouldn’t be worried about the possible twists of his legacy. The show’s goal is to tell the story of this star and try to inspire many others.

We are very excited to watch it already, hopefully the production won’t take too long!

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