Don’t Be This Girl

It is one thing to have a crush on a guy and try to pursue a relationship with him- especially if he has been showing you the proper signs. However, sometimes it seems like girls can get so wrapped up if a guy gives them any sort of attention.

If you are one of those girls who instantly falls in love with someone right as they text you back for the first time, then maybe you need to reconsider and re-evaluate how you handle yourself around guys.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve kept on reaching out to someone and eventually you find out they are with a different girl or they tell you that they’re not interested in you as more than a friend?

Well, even if they gave you the go-ahead signs at fist, guys tend o get freaked out if you over-communicate with them.  Over Communicating can mean excessively texting them without them having responded back, calling them 20 times when you go out to a bar to see if they are out to, and even going through their entire Instagram news feed and purposefully liking every picture.

These are things that guys tend to run away from and therefore it is important never to come across as being that girl. You know, the one who is super obsessive even before there is any type of relationship?

As a woman, it is important to realize your worth and realizing that not every guy who smiles at you or texts you once to say hello is going to appreciate being obsessed over. This can make them think you are a bit emotionally unstable before any sort of real relationship has even occurred. Don’t obsess over guys who show minimal interest. Chances are, they actually aren’t interested, and you can do better.

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