How a Lamp Found Love On Tinder

Tinder is one of those apps that has most likely made its way to the cellphones of most of the people you know. Some people use Tinder to search for a relationship, some people use it solely as an ego boost, some use it to make friends, while most people, however, use it to meet potential hookups.

One girl, Aline, decided to use it in a more creative way. She decided to use it to try to sell her friend’s lamp. And so, with that, she created a profile for the lamp with a picture of the object and a description saying “Not looking for hookups, just to sell my lamp. Seriously inquiries only”. And while her intentions were indeed to sell the lamp, she received many matches from guys who were clearly looking for something else.

One match even complimented her by saying, “I can tell you are totally different than all the girls here. And I like that” to which she promptly responded, “I am a Lamp”. The guys reached out to her too, and eventually the app even crashed her phone because so many people were messaging her. However, eventually, Aline sold the lamp and she posted some of the men’s responses to the lamp profile on Twitter and they went viral.

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