This is Why You’re Afraid of Commitment

Scarlett Johansson said it well, human beings are not meant to be monogamous and so it is extremely hard for them to be with one person only.

Let’s face it, committing to one partner is not an easy thing to do. Nowadays, especially, we have the chance to meet new people continuously and thanks to technology, we don’t even need to leave our house to do it.

However, we want someone special to be with us, someone we can share our lives with, our better half. That’s who we would like to have next to us, instead, we sabotage our relationships.

The most common way to do it is by falling for the wrong man. Most women pursue a relationship with a man with whom there’s no real chance of a future. Women do that to avoid getting hurt.

They don’t really start playing because they are too afraid of losing the game. The fear of commitment doesn’t come from the endless possibilities of finding a partner or hooking up with strangers but from our insecurities.

We avoid the chance to end up broken-hearted. We don’t open up, don’t let our guard down so that no one will hurt us again. But what’s life without risks?

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